Horse Decorations & Umbrellas

Our choice of decorations and matching umbrellas is yet another reason why our service is second to none! Ours are not bargain basement “plastic type” or quickly put together “Rag shop pieces”!

Each set of our imported decorations has been carefully handcrafted in Rajistan with only the finest materials, cloth and dazzling beads. The sets consist of 10-12 pieces! Not the standard 6 and we will also match a free umbrella to go with your set, just for the asking!

With these gorgeous decorations, our quiet horses, our attendants that always wear an Indian garment, your Baraat and/or/Vidai pictures are sure to be “picture perfect.” No wonder photographers love us and always recommend us to their clients as their first choice!. You can specify your Preferred Set on the Contact/Info form and we will gladly bring that set to you if available. Here is what we have for you:

Horse Decorations


 CLASSIC LOOK: Dark red velvet w/ golden embroideries

Built on a dark red/maroon velvet canvas, this set features raws of pearls embedded within intricate golden motives giving it a “classic, traditional look”.These are the decorations we choose when using the horse to pull the wedding carriage but it can be used for just the horse during the Baraat as well.


A red  cloth is beautifully decorated with multiple white beaded elephants. There is also a varying gold beaded background and white, flat beaded flowers along the edges. The body piece covering is straight edged and lined with tiny bead tassels.


A dark red cloth is beautifully adorned with beading of varying colors, mainly white and gold. Each side of the body piece covering exhibits two large, white/red beaded elephants and two peacocks in flight. The side edges are lined with flat white and golden beaded flowers. The bottom edges are serrated with tiny white and green beaded tassels.



We have four umbrella styles and we will choose one to match the set of decorations of your choosing. Just remember to specify on the contact form                                                                                               that you do want us to provide the (free) umbrella.