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“Wedding rickshaws for hire.
Make your arrival in absolute style in traditional wedding rickshaws also known as a Tuk Tuk.”


New and exciting!

Our Wedding Rickshaws From Traditional To Exceptional!

What better represents the pride and tradition of India?
Our Rickshaws!

They are not just comfortable but also electric,
which means so they can be used indoors too!

Enjoy them for:

  •  The Baraat, for the Dulha’s entrance.
  •  The Vidai with both the Dulhan and the Dulha
  •  To replace the Doli and bring the Dulhan in the Hall.
  •  To honor the Mother of the Groom or other Family Members
  •  To provide a comfortable means of transportation to older people during the Baraat
  •  To have all the Groom’s men in several rickshaws lead ahead of the Horse during the procession
  •  As a Centerpiece for the traditional Garba
  •  As a leading vehicle from which your DJ or Dhol player can operate
  •  As a photobooth next to the hall entrance
  •  At a private party at your residence
  • Whatever else strikes your imagination

Best of all, if you reserve one of our rickshaws for you wedding, in addition to our                                      horse or horse and carriage they are 25% OFF!

      Make our entrance unique and one to remember!